Implemented VOI-based PVC Variants

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Implemented VOI-based PVC Variants

The PVC (VOI based) method provides three variants which are based on the same GTM methodology. The difference is, how the VOIs are obtained.

1.Manual VOIs: The user outlines all VOIs manually.

2.Template VOIs based on standard masks: VOI templates defined in the MNI space are used and adjusted to the PET image. This method can only be applied for human brain images.

3.Template VOIs based on individual masks: The same VOI templates as above are used. The difference is, that the user has to provide an anatomical MRI image which is employed for a better individual adjustment for the VOIs.

4.Template VOIs based on Plain VOIs: the same VOI templates as above are used. No Anatomical MRI image is needed.

Methods 2,3 and 4 can only be applied for human brain images, whereas method 1 is generic. Note that the user may also derive himself contour VOIs from standard VOI templates, adjust them to the subject anatomy, and apply method 1. This allows him to take advantage of the rat and mouse templates for which an automated work-flow is not yet available.

The details of the methods are explained in the corresponding sections below.