Image Data Saving

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Image Data Saving

If the database has been configured the Database entry is available in the list of output image formats. Image saving can be either done from the Menu of a PMOD tool,

File Save Database

or using a Save button.

Save Database Button

The Save button must be configured to the Database format beforehand using the arrow indicated in red.

Save Format Selection

Saving to the database brings up a dialog window  

Save Database Dialog

which is similar to the dialog window for saving images in DICOM part 10 files or C-STORE to a DICOM server.

The images are saved to the database as the following DICOM IODs :

CT images as Enhanced CT,

MR images as Enhanced MR,

all other images otherwise as Enhanced PET.

The data can be assigned to a Project. The selection allows choosing from the list of available project names. Similarly, the subject can be assigned to a Group.

For databases with enabled float storage, images with internal float representation are saved as private enhanced PMOD objects.

The Edit Info button can be used for adding/changing descriptive information on the patient and series level.