DICOM Query Loader (Auxiliary Server)

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DICOM Query Loader (Auxiliary Server)

The Query Loader function is a simplified Query/Retrieve function. Instead of first retrieving images from a remote DICOM server to the local disk and then opening them in a second step, the query loader directly displays the retrieved images. Due to the retrieve time, it may take a while until the images are shown.

A separate auxiliary DICOM server is used for this purpose, which by default is configured at installation time. The settings are shown after selecting the PMODQ Dicom server in the server list. Note that both the application entity title and the IP port must be different from the main DICOM server, and that this definition must also be entered on the remote DICOM servers from which images should be loaded.

DICOM Query Loader Configuration

To use the Query Loader functionality the data format Query must be added to the READ/WRITE plugins in the Users configuration dialog. Then Query will appear as an additional format for all image loading buttons.